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Healing Salts available at Body Tech Therapies!

posted by Body Tech Therapies    |   April 3, 2014 11:52

Another product that helps in relieving or detoxing the body of lactic acid is Potassium Bath Salts. These “Healing” salts, locally made, come from a rich deposit below Lake Manitou, Saskatchewan. These salts, mixed with essential oils, help alleviate certain conditions.

  • ​FIRE – sore muscles, increase circulation
  • ​SLEEP – helps restless legs, calms nervous system
  • ​SUNSHINE- antidepressant, nerve healer
  • ​SILVER – helps build immune system
  • ​MANITOU MIRACLE – salts from Lake Manitou for arthritis, pain, infections

For any other information on our products in store, please visit us in person at Body Tech Therapies where we create a plan change in your health and wellness.