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Massage Therapy Client Testimonials

posted by Body Tech Therapies    |   March 20, 2014 12:05

Here are just a few client testimonials we've received at Body Tech Therapies in Saskatoon! We create a plan for change...


“My massage therapist works with my physiotherapist to assist my body in healing from a torn rotator cuff.” – Elaine, Saskatoon


“I have found that Meagan and Body Tech offer very individualized and high level therapeutic care.  They are accommodating and professional in every aspect.” – J. Blushke, Saskatoon


“The therapists at Body Tech have been my lifeline! Their expert assessment and treatment skills have provided me with much sought after relief. They have helped me navigate temporal-mandibular jaw concerns, as well as, sinus issues that are chronic. Each and every massage has addressed my neck/shoulder and back pain.  I can’t imagine life without them.  They have kept me up and running!!” – Janine L. Koroluk, RN., Saskatoon


“Regular massage is one of my favourite ways of caring for my health. My therapist at Body Tech always seems to know just what to tweak or soothe to help resolve whatever ails me.  A perfect balance of professional expertise and friendliness.” – Candace, Saskatoon


“I nothing in the world did know but ‘twas Divine.” – Thomas Traherne, c. 1636-1674.