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Why choose Body Tech Massage Therapists in Saskatoon?

posted by Body Tech Therapies    |   April 7, 2014 10:12

There are a number of massage therapists in Saskatoon to choose from, and sometimes the hunt for a great massage therapist can be daunting. If you are on the search for a massage treatment and not simply a relaxation massage, then Body Tech Therapies might be a great fit for your needs.  

I opened Body Tech 11 years ago with a desire to provide deep tissue, therapeutic massage treatments for the general population. After suffering whiplash from a car accident and an old back injury, I realized I needed to change careers. I love helping people feel better, and a massage career was an obvious choice. Although entering into the profession I did not realize how my injuries, although chronic, could be solved. There are so many modalities of treatment, but I found deep tissue the most effective. Looking for the root problem or cause then addressing the compensatory structures. 

Most people do not realize an ankle sprain or knee injury can affect the low back, shoulder and neck. Sitting long periods at a desk is tiresome but that could be the start of muscle imbalances and pain.

At Body Tech Therapies our registered massage therapists are dedicated to getting to the root of the problem through therapeutic massage treatments. Our team of 9 trained massage professionals are available Monday through Friday 8am to 8pm, as well as on Saturday between 9am and 4pm in order accommodate our clients schedules. 

For more information about our Massage Treatments or Pricing please click here or call us at (306) 651-1526.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and I hope that we are able to create a plan for change in your health and wellness!


Lois Miller, RMT

Body Tech Therapies Owner